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11 MAR 1973

Sylvia Day (born on March 11, 1973, in Los Angeles, California) is an American top-selling author. Her "Crossfire" series, with more than 13 million copies sold since its release in 2012, is a publishing phenomenon.

Though she is perhaps best known for her romance novels, Day has also penned numerous novellas and short stories (under the pseudonym S J Day for tales without "the happily ever after"). Moreover, she doesn't hesitate to delve into any genre that interests her ?historical fiction, futuristic fiction (under the pseudonym Livia Dare), speculative/paranormal fiction, and non-fiction? and she takes a creative approach to everything she touches. Different types of work give her opportunities to reach new readers.

A former Russian linguist for the U.S. Army Military Intelligence, Sylvia has been a professional novelist for the last decade, writing more than 20 books that were released by a handful of publishers. In 2014, St. Martin's Press agreed to pay an e


ight-figure advance to Day for her next two books, a series called "Blacklist", published simultaneously in digital and hardcover editions.

Sylvia Day may well have built a brand among adult female readers, but claims that her stunning success is primarily attributable to her ability to attract a wide crossover audience. Translated into more than 40 languages, there are tens of millions of copies of her books currently in print.

She has been honored with the Romantic Times Reviewers' Choice Award, the EPPIE Award, and the National Readers' Choice Award.

Lionsgate Television Group acquired in 2013 the rights to "Crossfire" with an eye to developing a TV series.

In 2015, Day launched the digital lifestyle magazine Beyond Words, which covers a wide range of topics, from entertainment to travel to charity.

A wife and mother of two, Sylvia now splits her time between Las Vegas and New York.

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Guest 5 years ago

Plz Recommend novel similar to this series

Guest 6 years ago

Gideon and Eva became a part of my life over the past month and it pulls at my heartstrings to leave them behind. They have the love I hope to have myself one day and I am saddened not knowing what happens with Trey and Cary. I have faith they will all find their way and they will continue to take life by storm, just as they have throughout the months. I love the closure that Eva's dreams brings her and I hurt for the struggles both Eva and Gideon have endured. I have read, reread, and reread once again about a thousand times, the amazing story of Gideon and Eva and will most definitely read the series another 100 times.

Guest 6 years ago

The books are really great but can you recommend similar books?

Guest 7 years ago

I love the books

Guest 7 years ago

Fifty shades Series

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