A Lady of the Last Century

Cover A Lady of the Last Century
A Lady of the Last Century
Doran, Dr. (John), 1807-1878
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Robin- son. — " . . . He " (Rev. Wm. Robinson, who had published a political pamphlet, ) "has won the heart of the wax- worker, Mrs. Wright. Mr. Roweller went to see her performances, and, in conversation, asked her if she had seen the pamphlet. She told him she was charmed with it, had sent over a great number into her country, and assured him the author would be adored there ; and desired, if he knew him, that he would tell him, that if he liked her or either of her daughters, they were entir...ely at his serv- ice. One of the girls cried out, * Lord, mamma, we never saw the gentleman. We may not like him ! ' * I don't care a farthing for that, * replied A LADY OF THE LAST CENTURY 173 Mrs. Wright ; * if he likes you, you shall marry him ! ' " Ladies of another quality come upon the stage in the following chapter.
December 20, iyj8. Mrs. Scott to Mrs. Robinson, Denton. — " . . . Miss Coke is a most extraordinary character, and, in my opinion, a most contemptible one, though I suppose she thinks herself a heroine.

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A Lady of the Last Century
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