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55 it was now getting late in the day, and I felt a little concerned as to what I would do with the seiiorita for the night. I had counted on finding a shack fit to put her and Antonio in for the night, and I and my men would camp outside. But so far we had only passed deserted, bullet ridden shacks, and at times only charred beams, tell- *> ' ing the awful story of war and destruction. We rode on and I saw the men ahead of us draw rein. Our escort rode three ahead and three behind, about a qua...rter of a mile from the senorita, Antonio and myself. The other four rode directly in our rear. I saw the men draw rein and we urged our horses on to see why they had stopped. When we reached them they told me they had seen a farm house ahead and would thev */ ride on to it and halt in waiting for us, if they found it was fit for the lady? I said 56 A Story from the Philippines.
yes, and they cantered on. When we caught up with them again we found that the occu- pants of the house were only three in num- ber, and, therefore, room and welcome for the seiiorita and the boy.

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A Story From the Philippines
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