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American Anti Slavery Reporter

Cover American Anti Slavery Reporter
American Anti Slavery Reporter
American Anti-Slavery Society
The book American Anti Slavery Reporter was written by author Here you can read free online of American Anti Slavery Reporter book, rate and share your impressions in comments. If you don't know what to write, just answer the question: Why is American Anti Slavery Reporter a good or bad book?
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, j --^.. -- -^ last \m opinion! What a happy re- urged that this was the But Mr. B. Believed it to be the only way in which i, T"Pse tilings as 1 ...
affairs caa be managed to revive the confidence of i^^^^^ behind his own insignificance ! We know the public. And he hoped it would lead to a per- i"ot which most to admire, the inexhaustible im- manent change in the policy of the society in re-iiP"dence of Mr. Cresson, or the unparalleled gard to sending out emigrants. Let us b«nd our jj effront
...ery of the Society in sustaining hins efforts t. > make the colony what it ought to be, ;, against the "organized opposition" of British and what it might be, and we shall find the freel|philanthropi8tB. No doubt the Society will re- people will begin to look at it in a difftrent light, [jceive the thanka of Lord Bexby, the Duke of COLONIZATION SOCIETY.
laBt five years, wo find among our emigrants, that the proportion of slaven emancipated for the pur* pose of colonizing has greatly increased. I was surprised to learn, by the report read to night, that I of tlie erpigrante from Kentucky, my native state, 1 90 per cent, were manumitted slaves, and from j tlic whole valley 75 per cent, notwithstanding there are a hundred thousand people of color there.

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American Anti Slavery Reporter
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