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Nothing? Impossible. These days no one traveled without identification, not even those who traveled only the night. He found both card case and wallet at last in the bag itself, tucked in a side pocket, accessible without having to delve through the main compartment.
“Victoria Nelson, Private Investigator.” He let out a breath he hadn’t been aware of holding as he went through the rest of her papers. A private investigator, thank God. He’d been afraid he’d run off with some sort of unif
...ormed police officer, thereby instigating a citywide manhunt. He’d observed, over the centuries that the police, whatever else their failings, took care of their own. A private investigator, though, was a private citizen and as such had probably not yet been missed.
Rising to his feet, Henry looked down at the unconscious woman on his couch. Although he found it distasteful, he would kill to protect himself. Hopefully, this time, it wouldn’t be necessary. He shrugged out of his coat and began to compose what he’d say to her when she woke up .

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Blood Price
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Guest 4 years ago

Amazing and captivating, can't wait to read the rest of the Vickie or should I say "Victory" series.

Guest 5 years ago

i hate gays so much

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