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The SIR System-2 machine that the techs unloaded from the van had two antennae, one to send out a pulse of high frequency electromagnetic energy into the ground, the other to measure the echoing waves bounced back by subsurface features. A computer screen would display the data, showing the various strata as a series of horizontal layers. As the techs carried the equipment down the steps, Yates and Corso marked off one-meter intervals on the cellar floor to form a search grid.
    “With all this
... rain,” said Pete, unrolling electrical cable, “the soil’s going to be pretty damp.”
    “Does that make a difference?” asked Maura.
    “GPR response varies depending on the subsurface water content. You need to adjust the EM frequency to account for it.”
    “Two hundred megahertz?” asked Gary.
    “It’s where I’d start. You don’t want to go any higher, or we’ll get too much detail.”

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Body Double
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Guest 4 years ago

capturing,heart tearing at the same time exciting and intriguing...

Guest 5 years ago

Yes..very intriguing... Highly suspenseful!!!!

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