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'' The bookseller saw this too, but he was unable to throw light on where the autograph was, for it did not at once appear. I, however, took my chance of that, and without, I confess, having much interest in the signature of the Flemish painter, I looked for it repeatedly but in vain. It is now many years ago, but I have not yet been able to conquer the uneasy feeling that within these brown covers, someuihere, there exists the auto- graph of Vander Velde. For months I get over this feeling, bu...t it unfailingly attacks me again, and I set to work to examine page after page and all round the edges to find the autograph which I fear has gone for ever.
Then there are tiie names of men whom we know more of than Vander Velde. I have a little vohime of the minor Latin poets which came from the library of the author of " Kab and his Friends, " Dr. John Brown 62 BOOKS AND BOOK-HUNTING of Edinburgh. It adds a deeper charm to such a book to know that it has been held in such kindly bauds and has been perused by those gentle eyes that saw so far into the depths of human hearts.

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