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WHAT are your thoughts on karaoke?” Shawna Ellison asked the second I answered the phone.
    I dropped my pencil onto the notepad I’d been scribbling in, then sat back on the couch and curled my legs onto the cushion. It was rolling past nine o’clock and I hadn’t heard from Gideon yet. I didn’t know if that was a good or bad sign, considering he’d had an appointment with Dr. Petersen earlier.
    The sun had set nearly an hour before, and I’d been trying not to think of my husband every five se
...conds since. Chatting with Shawna was a welcome distraction.
    “Well,” I hedged, “since I’m tone deaf, my thoughts on singing in public are pretty much nonexistent. Why?”
    In my head, I pictured the vibrant redhead who was quickly becoming a friend. In a lot of ways, she was like her brother Steven, who happened to be engaged to my boss. They were both fun and easygoing, quick to tease and yet rock solid, too.

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Captivated By You
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i love this book!

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