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Chemistry in Old Philadelphia

Cover Chemistry in Old Philadelphia
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The mem- bership of the Academy included all the members of the two early chemical societies. For five years Troost was the guiding spirit of the Academy. He also assumed the duties of the Chair of Chemistry in the Philadelphia Col- lege of Pharmacy. As early as 1811 he engaged in the manufacture of alum from the pyritic and lignitic Cre- taceous clays found at Cape Sable, Md. , thereby estab- lishing the first alum manufactory in this country, although, sadly enough, it proved for him a disast...rous financial failure.
In 1828 Troost published a " Geological Survey of the Environs of Philadelphia. " All interested in this par- ticular subject will pronounce this brochure a genuine classic. Reading it quite recently the writer found it difficult to lay it aside until every line had been read. All who have studied the mineralogy and geology of Phila- delphia and its suburbs will find this a sure guide. They will travel over their old haunts in the company of him who first blazed the way, and a new zest for such pur- suits will be aroused.

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Chemistry in Old Philadelphia
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