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Cover Citizenship
Shaw Desmond
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And the councillor who is not strictly utilitarian will know that an eye for beauty is a part of councillor ship. He will always seek to make his district as beautiful as possible, by removing unsightly buildings and slums, and by seeing that new buildings are made not only useful but ornamental, and by introducing parks and playgrounds wherever possible.
For the councillor of the future is going to be an artist as well as a business man or woman.
He will see that his council is a good em- ploy, for the municipality must be the model or should be the model which all other employers of labour should feel themselves compelled to follow. And he will familiarise himself with the rates of pay of its employees from the roadscraper to the nurse, librarian, or Medical Officer, and see that, as is so often the case, the men in the better positions are not the worst paid.
The Training of the Public Servant 191 Whilst, at the outset, the councillor of either sex should work up an all-round knowledge of local conditions, it will be found more advantageous after a time to specialise in one subject, whether it be housing or child welfare, food control or baths, open spaces or municipal trading, unemployment or finance.

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