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Owen pulls me against him and I immediately want to pull away, but at the same time I’m surprised at the level of comfort I feel wrapped in his arms. I close my eyes and wait for his questions to come. I’ll just lie here and enjoy the comfort until he strips it away with his curiosity.His hand moves up and down my arm, stroking me gently. After several minutes of silence, he finds my fingers and slides his through mine.“When I was sixteen,” he says quietly, “my mother and older brother died in a... car wreck. I was driving.”I squeeze my eyes shut. I can’t even imagine. Suddenly my issues don’t seem like issues at all.“My father was in a coma for several weeks after that. I stayed by his side the entire time. Not because I necessarily wanted to be there when he woke up, but because I didn’t know where else to go. Our home was empty. My friends had lives they continued to live, so I rarely saw them after the funeral. I had relatives who would stop by in the beginning, but even that faded.

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