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“You’re sure you want me to stay?” he asked.
Was she? She was caught in the middle of some dark mystery that seemed to have no solution. If he continued to search for the truth, she’d have to accept whatever he uncovered—good or bad. And she already knew what he thought might’ve happened.
But if he left, would she be able to pretend that nothing had changed?
“Are you going to answer me?”
She stil longed to feel his hands on her. What they’d shared earlier wasn’t nearly enough.
“I don’t know what
... to do,” she admitted, running a finger back and forth over the smooth handle of her coffee cup.
Where was her confidence? Her faith in those she loved?
She remembered her father sitting her down at the kitchen table to tel her that her body was a temple, that she should never let anyone defile it.
Those were not the words of a pedophile.
“Do you trust me?” Hunter asked softly.
She stirred a spoonful of sugar into her coffee. “I don’t even know you.”
“Is that what you think?”

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