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Dog Songs

Cover Dog Songs
The book Dog Songs was written by author Here you can read free online of Dog Songs book, rate and share your impressions in comments. If you don't know what to write, just answer the question: Why is Dog Songs a good or bad book?
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She would fall at my feet, she would draw the black skin from her gums, in a hideous and wonderful smile— and I would rub my hands over her pricked ears and her cunning elbows, and I would hug the barrel of her body, amazed at the unassuming perfect arch of her neck.
      It took four of us to carry her into the woods.
    We did not think of music, but anyway, it began to rain slowly.
      Her wolfish, invitational half-pounce.
    Her great and lordly satisfaction at having chased something.
    My great and lordly satisfaction at her splash of happiness as she barged through the pitch pines swiping my face with her wild, slightly mossy tongue.
      Does the hummingbird think he himself invented his crimson throat?
    He is wiser than that, I think.
    A dog lives fifteen years, if you’re lucky.
    Do the cranes crying out in the high clouds think it is all their own music?

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Dog Songs
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User Reviews:

Shay_ 2 years ago

ummm... i dont get it but i guess if u understand poetry you will like it. It doesnt make any sense to me like is it comparing a dogs life to a humans like i dont even know.

kewyan3 3 years ago

the poems are very emonital and i like it like that so im going to read more books like these ok that is what i think of this book.

Guest 3 years ago

Decent enough to read

Guest 4 years ago

Yay I loved your book this morning it made me feel better about everything . And you can always get somebody’s attention with the book.

Guest 4 years ago

it was kind of emonital

Guest 4 years ago

This book doesn’t make any sense. What does it even mean. As all the sections are confusing and I have only gone to the first page of the real poems!

Guest 4 years ago

i like these poems they give you more too ask for

Guest 4 years ago

I think this book is very emotional. I loved every minute of it. I was a wonderful experience to read. <3 :)

Guest 4 years ago

am going to read it

Guest 4 years ago

Me to

Guest 5 years ago

yes, no.
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