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Only no one had done a DNA analysis. It wasn�t certain that mum and dad were both Veggies. After all, there were enough cuckolds around and maybe Collective Mind had implanted embryos from normal people in Veggie women, who could tell? The important thing was that the conversation with Peter Wolanski was encouraging and he felt he could actually start talking.
    �Put it this way, now I�m prepared to ask� not just to ask my question, but to explain my idea�� Peter leaned forward, clearly eager
... to know.
    �I want to find Professor Link. To know more about this technology. Then to demolish the system. Destroy it physically or ideologically. Or invent some kind of virus. I want to stop Collective Mind and the wholesale stupefaction.� �And how do you intend to do it? Is this a plan or just a naked idea?� �An idea Peter, as yet it�s only an idea. No plan. But you have to fight fire with fire. I want to oppose collective intellect with collective intellect.

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