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The apartment was empty and the cameras were dead. Rob proceeded to the office and pulled down the painting. He opened the frame and replaced the original with the copy he had in his briefcase. Rob went out the same way he came in, catching the elevator down on Ms. Carli�s floor. Sam promptly waved his good bye.
    Rob took a deep breath on the street. He made it! The April evening air was fresh, the day was warm and pleasant. He wanted to dance and sing. His heart was full of joy. He decided
...to relish in his success while walking back home. His place was only seven blocks away.
    �Hi,� rang a sonorous voice behind. He looked around and saw a young woman who in a second took his breath and invincibility away.
    �Do we know each other?� Rob asked carefully.
    �I think so,� she replied with a teasing wink.
    �Ok. I�m sorry, I don�t recall your name?� �It�s Amy Anderson.� �Yes.

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Emancipation of Amy Anderson
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no it was an awesome book not like any other books that was for children.

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