Ernest Maltravers — volume 03

Cover Ernest Maltravers — volume 03
Ernest Maltravers — volume 03
Lytton Edward Bulwer Lytton Baron
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The English, thanks to their sturdy Saxon origin, elevated, notdepressed, by the Norman infusion, never were children. The differenceis striking, when you regard the representatives of both in their greatmen--whether writers or active citizens. " "Yes, " said De Montaigne, "in Milton and Cromwell there is nothing ofthe brilliant child. I cannot say as much for Voltaire or Napoleon. Even Richelieu, the manliest of our statesmen, had so much of the Frenchinfant in him as to fancy himself a /beau ...garcon/, a gallant, a wit, anda poet. As for the Racine school of writers, they were not out of theleading-strings of imitation--cold copyists of a pseudo-classic, inwhich they saw the form, and never caught the spirit. What so littleRoman, Greek, Hebrew, as their Roman, Greek, and Hebrew dramas? Yourrude Shakespeare's /Julius Caesar/--even his /Troilus andCressida/--have the ancient spirit, precisely as they are imitations ofnothing ancient. But our Frenchmen copied the giant images of old justas the school-girl copies a drawing, by holding it up to the window, andtracing the lines on silver paper.

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Ernest Maltravers — volume 03
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