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The boys concluded that they had had adventures enough for oneday and went back to camp. Here two of the lads set to work tomake a rabbit pot-pie, with dumplings. They had seen such thingsmade at home and went at the task with care. When the pot-piewas served all declared it "the best ever. " Perhaps the dumplingswere a trifle heavy, but what of that? Living in the open airhad sharpened their appetites wonderfully and nobody was disposedto quarrel over the meal.
The next day was rather cold and
... misty and they kept in or nearthe cabin. Snap had brought some extra sugar and also some chocolatealong, and the morning was devoted to candy-making, some with nutsand some without. The candy was very good, and while they ate afair share, the rest was put away, to be eaten a little at a time.
So far, since leaving their first camp, they had not seen or heardof Andrew Felps, but that afternoon an old hunter strolled intotheir locality and asked if they could furnish him with a mealand a shakedown until morning, offering three rabbits in payment.

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Four Boy Hunters
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