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This was because Dobric had become one of Bulgaria’s largest repositories of reserve planes, aircraft stores and munitions.
    Deliveries and collections were frequent, but these were always carefully pre-notified to ensure that sufficient staff were on hand to assist with the loading and unloading. So when a trio of unmarked three-ton trucks pulled up outside the locked main gates, the guard in the concrete security post at first more or less ignored them because no such movements had been sch
...eduled for that day.
    He watched with greater interest though when two men wearing Bulgarian Air Force uniforms climbed down from the lead vehicle and walked over to the security post, arguing loudly. Reassured by the sight of the familiar uniforms, the guard didn’t think to pick up the assault rifle leaning against the wall beside him. Behind him, a small and cheap TV set blared out a current pop song, while professional dancers writhed unenthusiastically on the black-and-white screen.

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