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Go back!”
“Fuck! Julia, spin us around.” Then he grabbed up the radio again and transmitted. “Everyone else keep going to the industrial…” he groaned, trying to keep himself upright as Julia chirped tires cutting a tight U-turn. “…the industrial park a few miles up. Everyone just keep going.”
The front end of the Humvee lifted up as Julia accelerated back towards the shopping center. The string of their convoy ripped passed them, the wind from their bulks shoving the Humvee around, the drivers
...and their passengers staring at Harper’s Humvee as though they were insane to go back.
Up ahead, Harper could see a figure that seemed to be running after the convoy, and it stopped in the middle of the road, stutter stepped with anxiety, then turned and looked northward. Then the figure bolted back towards the shopping center.
“That’s Mike!” Torri cried. “That’s him!”
“Where the fuck’s he going?” Julia yelled. “Can’t he see us coming back for him?”
“C’mon, Mike,”

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