Fugitive Pieces

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Fugitive Pieces
Henry B Henry Barton Dawson
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Every one who is familiar with his speeches, is apprized of his impressive appeals to heaven and Almighty God on occasions when his feelings were wrought to their highest pitch. What a psychological service had been performed were he and Edward Ever- ett to have had the keen encounter, or to have coalesced on some mighty topic !
Gouverneur Morris is to be enumerated among the "strong" men of the memorable era in which he flourished. As an orator he unquestionably fills a place in the rank which
... contains Hamilton and Chancellor Livingston. Conscious knowledge and his undaunted courage were the main support of his oratorical power. He dealt with princi- ples rather than with details : these he had forti- fied himself with, ere he appeared at the foram or in the hall ; and, unlike Burke, he never allowed his audience to become weary or indifferent. His memory was tenacious and ready on an erner- 12 gency. He was voluble in utterance, and pos- sc--*sjd the ore rotunda more happily than any other speaker I have ever listened to : he was free from eccentricities ; yet characterized by strong peculiarities.

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Fugitive Pieces
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