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Boil for about twenty-five minutes, using care not to let it boil over. Dilute this mixture at the ratio of 22 one to twenty parts of water. Use freely around the roots. It can be poured into ant hills in place of hot water. It will not injure the plants.
Rose Beetle: Or known as Elephant bugs. They are a hard-shelled brown beetle, wingless, about ^-inch long, with a raised back which gives them a slight ap- pearance to an elephant. They will feed on almost anything that has leaves. Equal parts
... of sulphur and Paris Green dusted over the foliage makes a clean sweep of them. Arsenate of lead solution is also rec- ommended. Use about two teaspoonsful of the pow- dered arsenate of lead to each gallon of water. Used as a spray.
House plants, especially ferns, often become infected with aphis and soft scales. A cube of toilet soap, one inch square, dissolved in one quart of water, used as a spray or dashed on with a whisp broom. Wash off with fresh water after twenty-four hours.
As to plant lice, or aphis, which infest the new- growth of rose bushes, there are concentrated extracts of tobacco on the market that require only the proper dilution by water to make them available for use.

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Gardening in Southern California
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