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Herein lies the importance of Germany's permanent connection with the world of Islam and the necessity of a secure sea-route. Those who, disregarding Germany's security against England's naval tyranny, desire the acquisition of colonies, while being in favour of giving up Bel- gium, under-estimate not merely the importance of se- curing Germany's European basis. They make the more serious political mistake of striving after colonial possessions without securing a safe connection oversea. They w...ould once more place Germany at the mercy of England.
" We require the freedom of the sea. We fight England with the object of obtaining that freedom 50 GERMANY'S ANNEXATIONIST AIMS for all nations. In order to enforce the freedom of the sea, it is in the first place necessary that Germany should obtain a strong position on the Channel coast. We must, as has previously been stated, have Belgium firmly in our grasp, and we must, if possible, obtain in addition part of the coast of the French Channel.

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Germanys Annexationist Aims
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