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Two love sceptics agree to work together as professional wedding disruptors. But fate has more romantic plans in mind for them . . .

When Sophie finds out right before getting married that she’s been cheated on (again!) it’s time for drastic action. Instead of calling the wedding off, she hires a gorgeous stranger – Max – to interrupt the ceremony and confront her fiancé. It’s hardly the wedding she’d planned. But Sophie enjoys taking revenge. So, when Max asks if she’ll work with him to help


others expose their cheating partners, Sophie agrees. When they’re hired by a man who’s marrying the girl that once broke Max’s heart, Sophie expects Max to revel in the job. But instead, he seems to be wrestling with his feelings for his ex. And worse than that, Sophie is jealous . . .Tropes/ Friends to lovers2. Slow burn romance3. Spicy books4. Love triangle

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Happily Never After
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Guest a month ago

This was fun, flirty, and delightful, and I didn’t feel invested in it at all. Sophie’s refusal to think about feelings like an adult for no given reason at all made no sense, to the point where even her having been cheated on by every former partner was only mentioned once as a reason. Max too got over his one hurdle pretty damn quick, for again no discernible reason. Their dynamic was cute, and I loved their chemistry as friends and lovers, but the plot and side characters (screw Asha, I guess?) made absolutely no sense. All in all, I had fun, but unfortunately this lands in the forgettable category.

Guest a month ago

Loved this and read it in one day!! Lightheaded and fun romance

Guest a month ago

Honestly I think I would have liked this better if the characters were in their early to mid 30s instead of late 20s because all their experiences and maturity lended themselves to that. I really really liked Max, and eventually I came around to Sophie. The 3rd act breakup wasn't unhinged and actually seemed like a realistic miscommunication.

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