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Fromchildhood on, lives are hedged about by prohibitions in relation topersons bearing authority, by belittling attitudes toward themselves andtoward their drives to compete and to get ahead, so that people becomeself-restricted and are kept from living up to their inner capacities orfrom using their powers of imagination and feeling. While some withdrawinto a dull kind of existence, others overcompensate in a great show oftireless initiative and a quality of "go-at-it-iveness" at all costs. Th...ese people often overdo to a point where they can never relax, andthey feel that their worth as people consists entirely in what they aredoing rather than in what they are.
The objective of love is to help the child accept the necessarystructures, authorities, and personal roles in relation to which he mustlive, so that he may grow in his capacity to love persons and to usethings. During this stage of life, children often turn to other adultsfor companionship and guidance. They do so because the conflicts betweenthemselves and these new adults do not seem to be as great as with theirown parents.

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