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It is their mother and not the dusty world who drops them.
Why I imagine her so often empty-handed as houseboats’ distant lights rise and fall on the far ripples— I do not know.
I know that darkness.
Have stood on that bridge in the space between the streetlights dizzy with looking down.
Maybe some darks are deep enough to swallow what we want them to.
But you can’t have two worlds in your hands and choose emptiness.
I think that she will never sleep as I sleep, I who have no so-and-so to throw
... or mourn or to let go.
But in that once—with no more mine, mine, this little so, and that one— she is what out-nights me.
So close. So-called crazy little mother who does not jump.
I Send News: She Has Survived the Tumor after All To save her, they had to cut her brain in two, had to sever nerves, strip one lobe almost bare.
It left her blind. Still, she has come through.
Today in her new room she sits and chews the insides of her cheeks. Her gold scarf glares on her bald head; her eyes are steelier blue.

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Incarnadine: Poems
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add lots of rhyme

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Yes this was a great great book

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