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Kid Wolf of Texas
Powers Paul Sylvester
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It was very deep. Would Blizzard take it, or refuse?
Kid Wolf knew his horse. He already felt Blizzard rising madly in theair. The danger now was in the fall. For if the horse failed to makeit, death would be the issue. Jagged rocks thirty feet below awaitedhorse and rider if the leap failed.
But Blizzard made it! He scrambled desperately on, the far edge for abreathless moment while the soft sand caked and caved. The Kid threwhis weight forward. Safely across, Blizzard was off again, galloping a white demon.
Kid Wolf unlimbered one of his Colts. The range was almost impossible. Six times The Kid shot. One of the men toppled from his saddle andfell sprawling. The other rider kept on.
The Kid did not fire any more, for he knew that he had been luckyindeed, to get one of them at such a distance. He bent all his effortstoward heading off the other. Already the S Bar hacienda was withinsight. There was no time to lose!
As The Kid pounded past he saw the face of the man who had been struckby the chance bullet.

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Kid Wolf of Texas
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