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Lake Breezes Poems

Cover Lake Breezes Poems
Lake Breezes Poems
Arthur William Fisher
The book Lake Breezes Poems was written by author Here you can read free online of Lake Breezes Poems book, rate and share your impressions in comments. If you don't know what to write, just answer the question: Why is Lake Breezes Poems a good or bad book?
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[55] THE CHIMES OF CORNELL RING, oh ring, sweet peal of bells ! How your merry music swells With the hour ! Sweep and swell the mellow notes, Floating from your blended throats In the tower! Ring and chime, ye stately bells ! Send your notes o'er downs and dells ; Echo long! Send your voice across the years ; Echo, e'er the wide world hears Your grand song! Nobly ring and sweetly chime With the rhythmic roll of time, Tuneful Bell! Travelers on the troubled sea Love the charming melody Of Cornel...l! Chime and ring, ye famous bells ! While life's light within men dwells Youths will all, From Atlantic's roaring roll To Pacific's bounding boll, List your call! [56] Ring, oh ring, sweet peal of bells ! As your swaying music swells With the hour, All our hearts rehearse the notes Floating from your blended throats In the tower! [57] DOUBLE RED CROSS POEMS Written after hearing Dr. Small lecture on the sub ject " King Alcohol at Armaggedon, " at Sodus, New York, May 30, 1915. THE war against the tyrant Alcohol Is of the noblest that a soul can wage, And you, who lead the warriors to engage, Shall crowned with glory be at last, Sam Small.

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Lake Breezes Poems
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