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(Charles d'Orleans. Exiled in England for twenty-five years. ) "\1 THERE castle-walls frown o'er the broad expanse Of waving waters wailing all the day, I wander oft, and strain my eyes away To where I know lies my own, long-loved France ; The sea-birds flit across the waters blue, Their white wings dripping with the snowy foam ; Following their flight my eyes, in longing roam, Wishing that I their passage could pursue. Oh ! that their wings were mine, that I might fly And reach my distant, hap
...py France once more !
O Heaven, that I might gain its smiling shore, Though it were but to lay me down and die. One hour of love and liberty at home Were more to me than weary years to come !
" If you can Numl 127 UNSPOKEN. (Francis de Louvencoi ri de \ iuchelles. ) *"PIIK time had come when I must needs depart, But, ah ! so swiftly sped the hours away That I had found no time, no words, to say To her the love that swelled my bursting heart 1 clasped her hand, but oh ! I did not dare To say '• Marie, I love you !" lest a gaze Should fill her eye oi wonder and amaze, Lest she should simply smile at my despair ; And now, afar from her, I sit and sigh, And sigh again, to think that parting o'er ; O winged hours, now gone for evermore, How sweet and swift that day ye passed us by !

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Leddy May And Other Poems
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