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Little Bird Blue

Cover Little Bird Blue
Little Bird Blue
William Lovell Finley
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In another instant Little Bird Blue slipped out and sat on her shoulder. "I want to ride here, " he said with a twinkle of his wings. William took him in his hands and the passengers smiled at the 40 LITTLE BIRD BLUE baby bluebird sitting contentedly on the little boy's finger. One might think that bluebirds could not talk, yet Little Bird Blue had a well-defined language. His conversation developed somewhat along the following lines. When he first became an orphan, he had a very thin, wavering... call w r hich was a real baby chirp. This soon changed from a whining note to one of hunger. LITTLE BIRD BLUE 41 By the time he was fifteen days old, this chirp became as continuous as his breathing. It was quite rhyth- mical, one chirp for every two breaths, a kind of a location call so the children might know where he was when they came with food. As he grew in intelligence, this hunger call was lost, perhaps be- cause it might be heard by a prowl- ing cat. Then he began using the typical mellow bluebird call a plaintive whistle.

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Little Bird Blue
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