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I feel tragic, a past-it old fool.’ ‘Daniel, don’t be ridiculous, you’re incredibly attractive and virile and young-looking and irresistibly sexy and—’ ‘I know, Jones, I know. Thank you, thank you.’ Upshot is Daniel is coming round on Friday at six thirty to take them to his place!
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9.30 p.m. Just called Tom. ‘OF COURSE YOU HAVE TO SLEEP WITH HIM,’ he said. ‘You have to lose your Born-Again Virginity, or it’ll just turn into a bigger and bigger obstacle. Talitha says he’s a good chap. And besides, it’s an opportunist crime. How often do you get the house to yourself?’ Called up Talitha to cross-check with her view: ‘What did I tell you about not sleeping with anyone too soon?’ ‘You said, “not before you feel ready”, not “too soon”,’ I elucidated, then reiterated Tom’s argument, adding, to give strength to my position: ‘We’ve been texting for weeks.

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Mad About the Boy
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Guest 2 years ago

its a book please make it more bookyier it would help a lot its not book enough its crazy just please fix this

Guest 3 years ago

IDK bro I havnt even read the first-page im just playing games in class LOL

Guest 5 years ago

Quite good book. A unique combination of funny moments and sad memories in the heroine's life. As a Bridget's long lasting fan I wish Mark wasn't dead, though... But I see the author's idea in this. She didn't want to copy stories of previous books.

Guest 4 years ago

Spoiler!!!! Didn’t know mark was dead. Thanks dude

abdo emam 5 years ago

interesting book

Guest 5 years ago


Guest 5 years ago

why should one be logged in to read a book?
then why do they keep a free online books?

Guest 5 years ago

please make it as a free book to open and read

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