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Missions of America
Gwe Russell
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You must remain with us for ever and ever. If you ever leave us again, it will be all over with us. ' "'And I, ' went on a chief, 'have always held on firmly ; the minister Spalding, the agent of the government, and his father, also a minister and the interpreter of the agency, tormented me all the spring to become a Protestant. All of them, even the agent (fine chiefs the government places over us, fine liars !) told me that you would never return, and that the president of Washington had give...n orders that the whole population should become Presbyterians. 301 " ' I replied that these were all lies, that you would certainly return in spring, that you could not possibly come through snow up to a man's middle in depth, that the President left all his subjects at liberty to be either Catholics or Presby- terians, that I never would abandon my religion, that I had long been a Catholic, although I had never been baptized/ " ' Black-robe, ' said another Indian, ' my son has been baptized by the Protestant minister; but he is still a Catholic.

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Missions of America
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