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Moscow in Flames
G P Grigorii Petrovich Danilevskii
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Droz returned : " What ? Are you still up ? " he cried. *' Go to bed at once, otherwise I shall be offended. ' He insisted that Tropinin should accept his bed. He then undressed, placed his head upon his folded coat, stretched himself upon the box, and blew out the light.
A little later, as the captain was not yet asleep, Ilya asked him : " Has it ever happened that a sentence passed by your terrible marshal has been commuted or not carried out ? " The captain sighed and turned his face to the
" Alas, " he replied after a short silence, " that is absolutely impossible with the Prince of Eck- muhl ; he himself writes the sentence after the examination. And who would dare to disobey him ? You ought to know, it is an open secret, " he added, half aloud, " Davout is not a man, he is a tiger. " " Yet it is not possible, " continued Ilya, en- deavouring to clutch at some floating shadow of hope, " it is not possible that all the sentences passed by your tiger-prince could be carried out at once ; one must verify, find sure data.

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Moscow in Flames
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