Pelle the Conqueror — volume 03

Cover Pelle the Conqueror — volume 03
Pelle the Conqueror — volume 03
Nexø Martin Andersen
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The lights were reflected in their eyes, and in thewindow-panes, and in the old mahogany-framed mirror, and the glass ofthe cheap pictures, so that they seemed suddenly to be moving about inthe midst of myriads of stars, and forgot all their miseries. It was asthough they had escaped from all their griefs and cares, and had enteredstraightway into glory, and all of a sudden a pure, clear voice arose, tremulous with embarrassment, and the voice sang: "O little angel, make us glad! Down from high... Heaven's halls Through sunshine flown, in splendor clad, Earth's shadow on thee falls!" It sounded like a greeting from the clouds. They closed their eyes andwandered, hand in hand, about the tree. Then the seamstress fell silent, blushing. "You aren't singing with me!" she cried.
"We'll sing the Yule Song--we all know that, " said Pelle.
"Down, down from the high green tree!"--It was Karl who struck up. Andthey just did sing that! It fitted in so admirably--even the name ofPeter fitted in! And it was great fun, too, when all the presentscropped up in the song; every single person was remembered!

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Pelle the Conqueror — volume 03
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