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But the engine started, and it had a full tank of fuel, so we decided to borrow it.
Thalia drove. She didn’t seem as stunned as Zoë or Grover or me.
‘The skeletons are still out there,’ she reminded us. ‘We need to keep moving.’ She navigated us through the desert, under clear blue skies, the sand so bright it hurt to look at it. Zoë sat up front with Thalia. Grover and I sat in the back, leaning against the tow winch. The air was cool and dry, but the nice weather just seemed like an insult aft losing Bianca.
My hand closed around the little figurine that had cost Bianca her life. I still couldn’t even tell what god it was supposed to be. Nico would know.
Oh, gods… what was I going to tell Nico?
I wanted to believe that Bianca was still alive somewhere. But I had a bad feeling that she was gone for good.
‘It should’ve been me,’ I said. ‘I should’ve gone into the giant.’ ‘Don’t say that!’ Grover panicked. ‘It’s bad enough Annabeth is gone, and now Bianca.

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Percy Jackson the Complete Collection
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User Reviews:

Guest 3 years ago

These books have been my only source of serotonin for the last week and it's safe to say they will continue to be my source of serotonin in the upcoming weeks, as I struggle to accept the fact that it's finished. I'm in love with this series. The last book was beyond perfect - I sobbed. I won't spoil anything in this review for new readers, but stick with it if you're uncertain about how good it is. It will, most definitely, exceed your expectations. RICK RIORDAN is a legend.

Guest 3 years ago

I love these book thanks for putting them all together this comment has to contain 100 characters so I'm saying random stuff

Guest 3 years ago

Thank you so much Uncle Rick, it’s free and it’s both series, so again thank you! I think it would also be better though, if you did this for Magnus, KC, and Apollo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guest 3 years ago

Uncle Rick, if Percy dies, I personally would come to you, kill you and feed to my Wolves. Percabeth forever!!!

lexi252008 4 years ago

Thanks Rick, this is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now l don't have to hunt down all the stories!!!!!! lf you could do that for all of your other stories that would be awesome!!!

randomusername111 5 years ago

Very Good! All of his stories featuring Percy in one place! Wow! Really good, Thank you Rick for making this!!!!!!!!!!!! I Also wish that he did this for the rest of the major characters. Thank you!

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