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Percy Mallory volume 1
James Hook
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113 " In short — you wish to know who the wander- ing damsel is, whom your adventurous gallantry has this morning rescued from the enchanter''s spell — and the winged dragon — Oh V — chang- ing her tone — " I shudder at the very recollec- tion. " " I would not presume to " Indeed, and indeed you would, if you are as sincere as I believe you to be, and you are en- titled from me to more than I shall ever, ever be able to repay — more than I can ever again owe to mortal man. To the Great Being, "..." she said impressively, raising her eyes — " who willed my rescue, my first tribute has been silently paid, but, ''"' — added she, recovering her smiles, — " as you cannot read my heart, it would burst, I am sure, if I were to refuse to let it speak its genuine and honest feelings. '''' Somehow or other it did not speak — ^for a tear struggled with the smile, and a slight hysteric sob seemed to check her further utterance. — Percy started, and seizing a small phial of he knew not what, was about to apply it to her lips, when Goody Wigram caught at his arm, and screamed " hartshorn !" VOL.

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Percy Mallory volume 1
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