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5. A] your loves, your sighes. L. 7. B--H] heaven. A] Exitboy. L. 8. C] Lord. L. II. A] I must see. L. 12. A _omits_] Phi. L. 18. A] before in my life. L. 20. A] I'le hound at her. Madame. F] Heer's onboulted, I'le bound at her. L. 21. In A the words 'Enter Gallatea' occurafter the word 'fault' in l. 19. L. 25. A] y'are. L. 26. A _omits_] but. 1. 28. A] those two I onely barre. L. 32. A] Couch. L. 33. A] a playand a banquet. Ll. 34 and 35. A] to make you blush, this is my owne hayre, and this f...ace. L. 36. A--D and F] a peny painting. L. 37. A and H]wardrop. G] wardrope. L. 38. A] the jealous silke-mans wife curse ourdoing.
p. 93, l. L. A] You much mistake me Lady. L. 2. Folio _misprints_ _Pha_. For_Gal_. After this line A _adds_] Pha. Y'are very dangerous bitter, like apotion. _Gal_. No sir, I do not mean to purge you, though I meane to purgea little time on you. L. 8. A and B] Cardus. A] about five. L. II. A]and Conger. A] they are dullers. L. 12. A] the vitall anymales. L. 13. A]all this time.

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