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Plays And Poems

Cover Plays And Poems
Plays And Poems
Albert E Albert Edwin Drinkwater
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Sir H. What is it I can do ?
Hes. You come to-day With power to advance my master, sir, To help him on to fame. But help him so. And I will bless you with my latest breath.
Sir H. You plead for him with more than com- mon zeal. How has he been so favoured as to win Your interest ?
Hes. [forgettifig herself\ How? Ask you how the sun io8 A FAIR CONQUEST.
Compels all flowers that its rays can reach To bend toward it ? Why do I plead ? Because \_CIia?iging her viauner. Because I have a brother sick
... at home, And he is kind to him. Pray you grant the boon.
Sir H. Of all good virtues that possess the heart, I do esteem a grateful memory, And I would do your bidding. But kindness Must be just, and I must shape my answer To his merits. But let me see his work.
\Goes to large picture on easel. He painted this? What is the subject, child?
Hes. A Spanish maiden waiting to be told Her lover's fate. Within the arena there He fights in deadly combat with the bull.
Sir H. 'Tis well expressed. Why, child, your face betrays An interest in my judgment of his work As keen as hers who listens at the gate Of the arena.

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