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The egg was placed in the exact centre of the leaf, the leaf was folded over, and sealed, tip to base, with all the strengthof her hind feet. Her mouth put the finishing touch.
When she had visited some half-dozen stalks, and left each adornedthroughout its length with a neat series of symmetrical bows, she feltthat her task was done and that she was at liberty to accompany him. Together they learnt the brook from end to end. Sometimes they walkedalong the bottom, stirring to right and left of
...them a host of low-classlife, slimy leeches, dingy crustaceans of every imaginable kind. Sometimesthey traversed the middle deeps, brushing against the beetles and theboatmen and the water-snails. Sometimes they sunned themselves on thesurface, snapping idly at the measurers and whirligigs.
It was the flood that parted them. For three days it had rainedunceasingly on the surface of the brook. As they rose to breathe, theirnoses were lashed by pigmy waves. Each raindrop made its own wideningeddy, its own pattering sound.

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"wee Tim'rous Beasties"
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