Red Folk And Wild Folk

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Red Folk And Wild Folk
Therese Osterheld Deming
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A very long time ai^'o the rabbit had short ears. One morning the owl, who is a very w^ise bird and was the head of the animal people, called the chiefs of all the dif- ferent animal clans to council. He told them to meet at a certain place, as some very important things for the welfare of the animal people were to be decided.
" At the appointed time, the owl went to the gathering and looked o\'er all the chiefs to see if any were missing.
" ' Where is the rabbit ? ' he asked.
" No one had seen
... him, and all knew he had not been there.
" ' I must go to get him then, ' said the wise old bird. ' Rabbit \ Rabbit ! ' he called, but the rabbit was hiding in a hollow log. He was sleepy and did not \vant to be disturbed.
" * Rabbit ! Rabbit ! ' called the owl again, and the rabbit thought, ' I will pretend I am asleep, and, if I do not come, they will hold council without me. ' *' But the owl called again, and still he received no answer. ' Rabbit, do you not hear me call ?' Then the owl became impatient and he said, ' Rabbit, if you do not obey, and come to council at once, your ears will grow.

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Red Folk And Wild Folk
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