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Illinois House of Representatives Committee On F
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January 5, 1839.
Read, and the further consideration thereof postponed until the Hth January.
Mr. FisK, from the Committee on the Judicary, made the following REPORT: The Committee on the Juiiciary, to which loas referred a communication from thi' Governor of Giorqin^ relative to n correspondence beliueen the Governor of Georgia and the Governor of M. Iinr, upon the refusal of the Governor of Mxine to deliver up Daniel Philbrook and Edward Kclleram, citizensof the Stats of Miin
...e, and figitives f om justice — being charged with the secret a" d fe/onious abduction, front the city of Savannah^ of a negro slave named Atlicus, the property of Jamr. S and Henry Sagurs^ report : That said committee have given the subject all the attention which might be expected from the nature of the circumstances attending the said cor- respondence, and wojld express a deep regret that any attempt should ever be made on the part of the citizens of the free State? to interfere, in any manner whatever, with the rights of the citiz3ns of the slavcaold- ing States.

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