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As they headed down the hall, she tried not to look at the way his worn jeans cupped his tight rear like a pair of loving hands. Tried being the key word.The image of him standing at the counter flashed into her mind. The jeans riding low on his hips, his T-shirt clinging to his flat stomach and the muscles of his chest and arms, showing off his mouth-watering physique, the ball cap he wore somehow adding to the appealing casualness of his clothes and the day's growth of dark beard on his lean c...heeks.Why not sleep with him? Why not finish what she'd started?The question had kept her awake most of the night. There were a million reasons why the answer was 'no,' the first being that he was here to get her to agree to a shady business proposition that he couldn't even tell her about. Number two involved the fact that against all common sense she liked being with him even though she was very aware he was up to no good. By the time they stepped onto the elevator she'd reached number six: Because it's always a bad idea to sleep with someone you're this attracted to.

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Seducing An Heiress
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