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The encouragement of learning and science is the public and deliberate policy of our Church, — a policy which has been deliberately maintained since the Reformation, through all our political changes, and all our mutations of religious opinion.
This public policy, however, has been SERMON VI. 141 throughout encountered by strong currents of feehng from an opposite direction — a feeling suspicious of, If not hostile to, Intellect — a feel- ing which has more than once attained embodi- ment and u
...tterance, but which, when not uttered. Is still present beneath, more or less strongly, just in proportion to the revivals of the religious consciousness, whether those re- vivals originate In the Puritanical or In the Catholic element.
If we ask which of these two attitudes is most consistent with the apparent sense of the text, — the attitude of our approved ecclesiastical policy, which establishes a philosophical educa- tion, or the attitude of religious literature, and the popular pulpit, which suspects and depre- ciates it, — most people will feel themselves obliged to answer that the popular Impression best corresponds to the prima facie sense of the words, and will think that the traditional policy of our Church is In contradiction with those words.

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