Sintram And His Companions

Cover Sintram And His Companions
Sintram And His Companions
La Motte-Fouqué, Friedrich Heinrich Karl, Freiherr De, 1777-1843
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For, dear youth, though you may be like your fearful father, you havealso the kind, gentle heart of your mother; and its reflection brightensyour pallid, stern features, like the glow of a morning sky, whichlights up ice-covered mountains and snowy valleys with the softradiance of joy. But, alas! how long you have lived alone amidst yourfellow-creatures! and how long since you have seen your mother, mydearly-loved Sintram!" "I feel, too, as though a spring were gushing up in the barrenwildernes...s, " replied the youth; "and I should perchance be altogetherrestored, could I but keep you long with me, and weep with you, dearlord. But I have that within me which says that you will very soon betaken from me. " "I believe, indeed, " said the pilgrim, "that my late song was verynearly my last, and that it contained a prediction full soon to beaccomplished in me. But, as the soul of man is always like the thirstyground, the more blessings God has bestowed on us, the more earnestlydo we look out for new ones; so would I crave for one more before, as Ihope, my blessed end.

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Sintram And His Companions
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