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Sketches volume 03
Seymour Robert
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Did'nt I laugh, ready tosplit--that's all!" "I tell you what, Sorrel, " said the president, with mock gravity, "Iconsider the whole affair, however ridiculous, most immoral andreprehensible. What, shall a crack-shot make a target of an elder?Never! Let us seek more appropriate butts for our barrels! You mayperhaps look upon the whole as a piece of pleasantry but let me tell youthat you ran a narrow chance of being indicted for a breach of the peace!And remember, that even shooting a deer may no...t prove so dear a shot asbringing down an old buck!" This humorous reproof was applauded by a "bravo!" from the whole club.
Sorrel sang--small, and Sniggs sang another sporting ditty.
"Our next meeting, " resumed Saggers, "is on Thursday next when thepigeon-match takes place for a silver-cup--the 'Crack Shots' against the'Oriental Club. ' I think we shall give them I taste of our quality, 'although we do not intend that they shall lick us. The silver-cup istheir own proposal. The contest being a pigeon-match, I humbly proposed, as an amendment, that the prize should be a tumbler--which I lost by aminority of three.

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Sketches volume 03
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