Social Vicissitudes

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Social Vicissitudes
F C Francis Charles Philips
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{gretveJy and dcsperedehj). I shall begin to cry in a moment, I know I sliall.
Captain Graham {strolling up, having recognized the Duchess and Lady 0. , and dismissing the Sergeant with a nod). This is unexpected, Duchess. Whatever has brought you here ; and you, too, Lady Oaklands.
Lady O. 01 1 ! don't, Captain Graham. Don't— don't say anything. I'm frightened out of my life. Do take us away — please do at once.
Duchess. Yes, please take us away, Captain Graham, and thank the Serjfcant here. H
...e has been so kind co6 SOCIAL VICISSITUDES.
iind attentive tons. That horrid conductor would have locked us up if he hadn't interfered.
Captain Gkaiiam. Locked you up ! Conductor !
Duchess. Yes, Captain Graham. Locked us up because we hadn't any money to pay him ; the Sergeant here paid him liiniself, and then, as we were here, we thought we must see what the place was like, and so — {hesitating) — and so we had to pawn Lady Oaklands* ring, and the Sergeant said if we really wanted to see the place we had better let him come with us, as it wouldn't be safe to go alone, and we were just going to let him take us to a calj when we saw you.

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Social Vicissitudes
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