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Songs And Poems

Cover Songs And Poems
Songs And Poems
Martin Schtze
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Some men never know; Some dully mark them as a faded show; In terror some avert their perjured eyes; Some would recall them with inactive cries, Forever facing from the living flow; Some curse the God that mocks their longing so; Some seek their God where very longing dies.
But he with gentle, never hasting hand Each present moment raises up aloft, A priceless jewel, until all men stand In awe, and hearts with wisdom shall grow soft.
The seal of immortality he holds, And change into enduring pr
...esence moulds.
82 T, THE RIPENING OF LOVE (To E. ) HE fruitful, even continuity Of her rich life surrounded in a throng Of tokens, with a grave felicity, Her presence as she rose to welcome me And silently advanced. Ah! love, what song Could hold the treasures of that silence, ever? Her constant eyes were on me, calm, intent, Sounding the deepest sources of endeavor. She had the vision incorrupt which never Needed to scan the path of precedent, Paved with remorse, deep-scarred with compromise; But parted good from evil by the test Of her own substance.

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Songs And Poems
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