The Duke of Stockbridge

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The Duke of Stockbridge
Bellamy Edward
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" "Do you know where the jail is?" asked the girl.
"It's that ere haouse over thar. It's in with the tavern. " "Let's go and ask the jailer if he'll let us in, " suggested Prudence.
"I wuz gonter wait an' git Isr'el Goodrich tew go long an kinder speakfer me, ef I could, " said Mrs. Poor. "He's considabul thought on byfolks roun' here, and he's a neighbor o' ourn, an real kind, Isr'elGoodrich is. But I don' see him nowhar roun', an mebbe we mout's wellgo right along, an not wait no longer. " An
...d so the two women went on toward the jail, and Prudence dismountedbefore the door of the tavern end, and tied the horse.
"I callate they muss keep the folks in that ere ell part, with the rowo' leetle winders, " said Mrs. Poor. She spoke in a hushed voice, asone speaks near a tomb. The girl was quite pale, and she stared with ascared fascination at the wall behind which her father was shut up. Timidly the women entered the open door. Both Bement and his wife werein the barroom.
"What dew ye want?" demanded the latter, sharply.

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The Duke of Stockbridge
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