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The Expositor volume 6
W Robertson William Robertson Nicoll
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37. But unques- tionably our deepening knowledge of the prophet entitles us to look deeper. The underlying basis of all such applica- tions must be found in the fact that our prophets occupied the place for the time being of Jehovah's shepherd, and that as such he was in a true sense identified with Jehovah Himself. He is a type of the Good Shepherd, not arbi- trarily but by virtue of what he was and what he did. He prefigures the Good Shepherd, as everybody sees, in that he feeds the flock des...tined otherwise for slaughter, and especially the poor of the flock, who in return are especially ready to recognise his authority. He prefigures Him in the choice of the two staves, Beauty and Bauds. There are two things above all others which characterise the flock as fed by Christ the charm of their Christian life and conversation, and the strong instinct of unity which binds them together. What is not so often seen is that he really prefigures the Good Shepherd in a point where we might easily see difference only.

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The Expositor volume 6
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