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Andsuddenly, with a call, she opened her hands. Her captive was lost in thenight.
In a moment she felt sad, such a foolish sorrow, as a gaoler may feelsad who has grown to love his prisoner, and sees him smile when thegaping door gives him again to crime.
"It's gone, " she said to Eustace; "I think it's glad to go. " "Glad--a kite!" he said.
And it struck her that he would have thought it equally sensible if shehad spoken, like Hans Andersen, of the tragedies of a toy-shop or theHomeric passion
...s of wooden dolls.
Then, why had he been prompted by the wind to play the boy if he hadnone of the boy's ardent imagination?
They reached Deanery Street, and passed in from the night and theelements. Eustace shut the door with a sigh of relief. Winifred'sechoing sigh was of regret.
It seemed a listless world--the world inside a lighted London house, dominated by a pale butler with black side-whiskers and endlessdiscretion. But Eustace did not feel it so. Winifred knew that beyondhope of doubt as she stole a glance at his face.

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The Folly of Eustace
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