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Lee brought her brows together, making a little impatient movement. " I 'm sorry, Teresa. I have not forgotten that Mr. Gish is our guest, or that I asked you to bring whom you pleased. I know nothing about him personally; I know, too, that prob- ably you know as little. . . . You never do know very much about the friends you make, Teresa. Generally it has n't mattered. This time it does. " She was still looking levelly into Mrs. Dorice's eyes, and she went on deliberately before the other coul...d voice a protest. 184 THE FUGITIVE MILLIONAIRE "I mean because of Terry!" " Because of Terry? " Mrs. Dorice's voice was shrill. Then she began to laugh. " My dear Lee! What bee have you got in your bonnet now?" Again Lee made a movement of her hands. " Mr. Gish, " she said quietly, " Is paying Terry far too much attention. " Teresa gasped. For a moment she seemed bereft of speech. Then she pushed her cushions away from her and got to her feet. " I guess you 're crazy, Lee!" she retorted. " I never heard that a man worth what Roland Gish is worth could pay a girl too much attention!

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The Fugitive Millionaire
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